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Frequently Asked Questions

What does using GoodLab cost? (hint: It's free!)

We do not charge for any of our services. This website is free to use and through it we'll find you the best aid out there for your disease.

How will you find me the best trials?

Our proprietary algorithm takes the information you provide regarding your situation and matches it with the best trial.

How long does it take?

It takes just 60 seconds to submit the information that our algorithm uses to match you with the right trial.

Will my data be kept private?

Your data is handled with the highest levels of security and strictly in compliance with our privacy policy. You can be sure that your data is not shared in any way that you do not agree with.

I'm so impressed with your service, can I use it more than once?

Yes. You can use our site free of charge however many times you like. We are happy to help.

We provide access to trials for everyone, whether you are healthy or have a health condition..

Healthy People

Nationwide Trials

Healthy volunteers provide researchers with crucial data because their health information can be used as a comparison.

When developing a new technique such as a blood test, vaccine or imaging device, we need clinical research volunteers to help define the limits of "normal."

Mental Health Clinical Trials


If you have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ptsd etc. you may be eligible for high paying trials and get access to revolutionary new medications.

By taking part in a mental health trial, you can be treated and contribute to the science all while getting paid at the same time.

Physical Health Condition/Illness


Whether you have a common illness such as diabetes, or an extremely rare condition, we'll do our best to place you in a trial that matches your condition.

Clinical trials are used to help find cures for illnesses. By taking part, you can help contribute to science as well as get compensated.

We have hundreds of professionals in our network ready to help.

Comprehensive Trial Coverage

We work alongside the best and brightest clinical trial providers all over the US to ensure you get the best financial and medical aid at a place near you.

Why We Care

We believe in helping discover new medical treatments. This is why we dedicate our time to giving people the best offers in the market to help with their disease, or to simply allow them to contribute to the science.